Accra Accra Accra!

So after a begged ride in an air-conditionned SUV from one of the mission schools, I am in Accra where it didn’t take me an hour to load my email. I realized that my lack of blogging made it very clear that I don’t chk the net, because I had a grand total of 2 emails…. I can’t remember what I said in the last blog but here is the sum of my last few weeks.

 I must admit to not moving that much further along on the library. We have been stalled by waiting for official estimates and running around getting prices. BUT  we have settled on where we will buy the supplies (Akatsi) because the cost of transport from Accra doesn’t justify the differences in prices. We have bargained quite hard, but I think we will still be quite short on money.

Last  Thursday Alex and Ashley arrived so we have sort of invaded the town. Three whites walking down the street seems to overwhelm the people so they don’t yell. But when Ash and I walk down the street, it’s YEVU YEVU, come come, and Ablavi (ash’s ewe name) coming from all directions. We doubled on a bike the other day and that made ppl practically fall over laughing and someone sent a kid biking after us to give us the bike because they thought we were suffering… Having the other 2 around has been fun because we get to “debrief” at the end of the day, under our mosquito nets in the dark with the ticking fan..amazing how philosophical u get.

We decided to all stay together in the little house, just to make it easier, so it felt a little cramp when there were suddenly 3 big backpacks exploded on my little bedroom floor! The neighbor