How much???

Since learning that the donated medical supplies weighed in at over 30kg, we have been scrambling to figure out how they could be carried without paying excess baggage. Several calls to Lufthansa revealed that the charges would come in at over $600 USD, that there was no way that they could waive the charges (funny fact: Lufthansa waives 50% on the charges of carrying golf clubs, but not on humanitarian supplies) and it also revealed that their employees are as confused about how much baggage is allowed as their passengers are. One woman told me 2 bags at 23 kg each with 9kg allowed on board, which would have been fine, but the next agent said 40kg total, the details that came with the ticket say 2 bags at 20 kg each, but the website says 30kg. So I am not sure what to believe…in the meantime I am hoping for a sympathetic check-in agent and for my acting training to come in handy (”but Sir, I am going to help little African children..”, said the crying girl) Stay tuned for the rest of the saga…..

I am in England at the moment, back at my aunt’s place. The weather is wet…surprise, surprise. Although I have been told it was nice for the past two weeks (mon oeil….). My Dad changed my flight to boost my excess baggage, so let’s hope that will help my case. Otherwise I am going to be really annoying and bring every last sock onboard in my hand luggage. I arrive in Ghana Thursday night, so extra time in England.
Text messaging works again like last time. Just go to the rogers website, and enter my Montreal cell phone number. It is free and keeps me happy to get messages from home.

Love to all.

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