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I had the feeling that if I wrote a blog it would just be me whining and in any case I wasn’t sure if anyone was actually reading it…. but a better week, a building with a roof and a request from mom makes for better blogging habits.

 The roof is up and seems to be holding well. The children came and cleared out the inside and leveled the ground. It was a sight to see, all the children with every type of bucket, container and box clearing the dirt, weeds and rubbish that collected over the last few years in the untouched building site. It was amazing to sit inside afterwards…imagining how far the work has come since we first arrived. It was an overwhelming task at the beginning but as we chip away at it I can start visualizing children reading inside.

There seems to be two hats that I wear here. One being the construction hat, one that I wear well and can get lots done. But the other one doesn’t seem to sit as well. The one of committee member. Meetings and interactions with the library committee have been slow, frustrating and not very fruitful. It is tough because I feel that I am being being nice and polite and now have to be more business, which people don’t always like. We had a bit of a faceoff last week, when the members finally had a breakthrough and realized that they didn’t want us to just take over without their input. Although they made it nice and clear that they were happy to have the money, they weren’t happy with us making all the decisions in terms of how the building would be construction.

 In non-library news, Abor is still lots of fun. Ashley and I decided to complete our “I-am-a-volunteer-in-Africa” look by trading headscarves for braids. So 6.5 hours of work later and we each had about an extra 3lbs of fake hair weaved into our own. We are starting to comply with the uniform of all aid workers and are hoping to compile a list of things that happen to girls when they go do overseas volunteering. So far we have; wearing african beads, dangly earings, buying african fabric, gettings moms to tie their babies to our backs, inventing imaginary husbands back at home, getting way too excited when you see any food from back at home (even if you would never buy it in Canada), carrying a nalgene…etc etc

 aannnnyhhooowww I am making no sense whatsoever…I am half-listening to a converstaion that is going on behind me…. so to end, as the guy behind me keeps saying “TIA—> this is Africa…”

 L.O.V.E Julia

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